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As a leading renewable energy consultant, BGEC conducts pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for renewable energy projects. Our comprehensive studies involvement in evaluating site suitability, renewable energy resources, technical feasibility, selection of renewable technologies and economic analysis. Our studies provide critical technical, economic, and environmental information to support project decision-making.

Pre-Feasibility Study:

Site Assessment: We conduct site assessments to determine the suitability of the site for renewable energy generation together with its technology. We analyze topography, climate, and environmental conditions, and assess any potential technical or logistical constraints.

Resource Assessment: We evaluate renewable energy resources available at the site, including solar, wind, hydro, or biomass. We analyze historical data, conduct on-site measurements, and use modeling tools to estimate the potential energy yield.

Technical Assessment: We evaluate the technical feasibility of the project, including selecting the most appropriate renewable energy technology, its efficiency, and expected output. We also assess interconnection requirements, grid integration, and energy storage options.

Economic Assessment: We conduct a preliminary economic analysis to estimate the project’s capital and operational costs, calculate the levelized cost of energy, and provide a preliminary revenue forecast.

Feasibility Study:

Detailed Site Assessment: BGEC conducts a detailed site assessment, including more in-depth technical surveys and environmental impact assessments.

Detailed Resource Assessment: BGEC conducts more detailed resource assessments, including longer-term monitoring and analysis of renewable energy resource potential.

Detailed Technical Assessment: BGEC conducts a more detailed technical assessment of the project, including a detailed design of the renewable energy system, equipment specifications, and detailed engineering plans.

Detailed Economic Assessment BGEC conducts a detailed economic analysis, including a cost-benefit analysis, sensitivity analysis, and financial model to assess the project’s financial viability.

Projects Timeline: BGEC develops project timeline satisfy client’s requirements at different schedule levels.

Environmental Impact Assessment: BGEC conducts a detailed environmental impact assessment to identify potential negative environmental impacts of the project and develop mitigation measures.

BGEC’s role as a renewable energy consultant is critical in conducting pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for renewable energy projects. We provide essential technical, economic, and environmental information to support project decision-making, helping clients make informed decisions about their renewable energy projects.

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